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What can TwinSights do within an asset lifecycle?

With Twinsights, you can embark on your digitalization journey for the entire lifecycle of your infrastructure assets. Utilize Twinsights to oversee your construction projects and effectively manage your infrastructure assets.

When should I start using TwinSights for my asset lifecycle?

Twinsights facilitates digitalization at every stage throughout the project lifecycle. You can start using Twinsights for your project at any stage from the pre-design stage, through the development stage and then continue into maintenance and asset management too. If your project is already completed, you can also use Twinsights only at the asset management stage.

What are TwinSights product categories?

Twinsights is a platform that provides insights through digital twins and can be applied in a variety of industries. Currently, the platform supports Twinsights for Construction, Twinsights for Asset Management and Twinsights for Facilities Management.

Can I use TwinSights for all my projects?

Yes, you can. Once your Twinsights instance is provisioned, you may use it for many projects in your organization.

Can I deploy TwinSights to my own server?

Yes, you can. Twinsights supports on-premise and cloud deployment.

How will TwinSights support user defined workflows?

Yes, Twinsights supports user defined workflows. This is common to Twinsights deployment where our consultants will harvest the workflow requirements during the system implementation stage.

We have survey data from drone, can we use that in TwinSights?

Yes, you can. Survey data from drone that are produced as orthophoto and reality model can be inserted and used in Twinsights.

How do I navigate my data in Twinsights?

There are various tools offered in Twinsights enabling users to easily navigate their data. The Insights App in the Twinsights platform provides various tools to view, operate and analyse the graphical-based data such as BIM, GIS, aerial images and reality models; Data records for construction processes and asset management can be browsed via the respective browsers; documents are accessible and searchable via the Document App; contract information, variable orders and claims can be accessed via the Project Finance App etc.

Can I use Twinsights' mobile app in offline mode?

Yes, Twinsights mobile app supports offline mode.

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