Organising your resources becomes effortless at our intuitive platform which comes with reliable tracking and monitoring tools. Explore flexible deployment options for your project, asset, or city repository.

Asset lifecycle information management

Digitally manage Project, Asset, Space & Facilities.

Asset Management 

Project Management 

Construction Management 

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Digital Twin framework for smart infrastructure and cities

Intuitive platform to access critical information and unify a wide array of data from existing infrastructure, reality models, digital resources, sensors and more.


2D and 3D Design and Asset

Location-specific Documentation

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Insightful Dashboard

Insights based on various stages of an asset lifecycle.

  • Executive-level project insights
  • Instant progress tracking
  • Early alerts to project problems
  • Elimination of manual reporting

Project Delivery

Asset Management

Project Insights

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Workflow Automation

Out-of-the-box business processes for construction and asset management, and tailor-made workflows for specific needs.

  • Seamless connections across all stakeholders including contractors, design consultants, project consultants etc.
  • Consistent and transparent information sharing
  • Customized report template
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Easy access to project-related information anytime, anywhere.

  • Dedicated Mobile App for Construction and Asset
  • Unified data between web and mobile
  • Accessible on iOS and Android platforms
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Simplified Deployment

Flexible deployment options based on your ICT needs/policies.

  • On-premise Deployment
  • Cloud Deployment
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Customer Advancement

Digitalize, collaborate and communicate to establish user success structures.

  • Standard Implementation
  • Professional services engagements
  • User adoption support


Professional services

User adoption

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